Hello everyone. I have recently posted my first official creepypasta. Now, it's more than just a story to get you tossing and turning at night. If you've visited my page recently, you'll notice that I've created the "Blakkr Stund" series. Well, it basically means "Dark Days." Now, if you've read my first installment in the "Blakkr Stund" series, you'll find that some things are rather eerie and not what they seem. My intentions for the stories I will be posting to the "Blakkr Stund" series will coexist in the universe of a story I'm currently writing. If you'd like details on this story, go ahead and message me.

But the general premise is that all "Blakkr Stund" stories take place in the universe of my story, and in the land of Delsera. Throughout the lands of Delsera, there have been reported occurrences of people simply vanishing, never to be found again. This is displayed in my first story, as previously mentioned. "Blakkr Stund" stories range from all sorts of people. Some will cover the experiences of high-born people, others commonfolk who serve no real dominance in Delsera. The idea is that there is a dark force roaming the lands that has existed since the beginning of time, yet no one has ever been able to identify or physically see these forces.

Anyways, just thought I'd let people know of my first pasta being posted and how it will serve as a series. Enjoy the rest of your day!

TheJangoLegacy (talk) 23:52, February 7, 2016 (UTC)