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  • I live in Nar Shaddaa, Y'Toub, Mid Rim
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is Skilled Author
  • I am Mandalorian
  • TheJangoLegacy

    First Pasta Posted

    February 7, 2016 by TheJangoLegacy

    Hello everyone. I have recently posted my first official creepypasta. Now, it's more than just a story to get you tossing and turning at night. If you've visited my page recently, you'll notice that I've created the "Blakkr Stund" series. Well, it basically means "Dark Days." Now, if you've read my first installment in the "Blakkr Stund" series, you'll find that some things are rather eerie and not what they seem. My intentions for the stories I will be posting to the "Blakkr Stund" series will coexist in the universe of a story I'm currently writing. If you'd like details on this story, go ahead and message me.

    But the general premise is that all "Blakkr Stund" stories take place in the universe of my story, and in the land of Delsera. Thr…

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  • TheJangoLegacy


    February 6, 2016 by TheJangoLegacy

    Hello everyone. I've been on this website for over a year now, yet I never thought to make an introduction. Well, here it is. Hello everyone (again), my name is Alex and I like to write. The reason I joined the Creepypasta website in December of 2014 was because it was a way to express new areas and genres of writing I'd never thought to explore: horror. The first pasta I ever posted was pretty mediocre, by narrative standards. It was unfortunately removed, so you can't go and view it now, but if you'd still like to read it, you can visit here, like I said, it's pretty basic.

    Anyways, like previously stated, I like to write. Well, I'd say love is more of an appropriate word. I am currently working 3 large scale stories, 2 taking place in me…

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