There are so many fucking problems with this community. Many of these I would attribute to this whole entire wiki. I like this wiki, I will not lie... But when I was on here about two years ago, it was a damned respectible community, and Crappypastas would get the gulag before they got popular.

But with any community that is large enough, people under the age of 13 began coming in here and just violently spewing crap onto this website. Edgy JTK fangirls began coming in and ruining the place. This place doesn't even respect its goddamned roots anymore, I bet half of you don't even know what /x/ is... And that place is pretty much the birthplace of creepypastas.

Now that these fucking kids are coming in and sucking the dick of all of these horrible pastas, so many great and detailed creepypastas are getting burried under this mountain of awfulness.

I can't even blame the staff, What are they going to do? Just delete all of these awful pastas? When they try to do this, the 13 year old writers (E.G. Sanic.exe) fucking whine and send their dipshit fans after the wiki. OR they just fucking cry about it getting moved to something like Trollpasta Wiki.

For all aspiring pasta writers, I would suggest writing on /x/ or r/nosleep if you want actual appreciation for your work. For the kids that are on this site, and you actually appreciate real, great writing... I congradulate you.

Remember, remember your roots. /X/.