• Phoenae

    Horrid Beginning

    July 4, 2014 by Phoenae

    After joining the Creepypasta Wiki for a week, so far I gotten off to a bad start.

    I tried typing a creepypasta from inspiration of other creepypastas on the first day. It was not a sequel or fanfiction one but I thought it was rather good to be my first one. But it was my own opinion and several hours later, it gets removed for non-letters in my title and insufficient grammar use. I gotten the thorough reasons from a fellow admin later on after the removal. Many user's first creepypasta are removed for similar reasons but I haven't made a story in a long time. I thought I still had some skill left but apparently I really dont.

    I guess I am sticking to commenting and other tasks of the other majority of the Creepypasta Wiki does. TheEternalEā€¦

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