Recently, I've noticed the lack of my stories disturbing (try to get the reference), and I've been recently thinking of writing a new creepypasta ever since I've been writing some other non-creepypasta stories. Also recently I'm getting into studying major epidemics/plagues and the diseases that cause them. So, since disease is the one thing that has killed man more than everything else in the world (maybe, idk), diseases are pretty creepy and scary. I already have two ideas in mind, but I need more opinions and ideas. Here are my two current ideas:

Allied scientists during WWI are expirementing on a weaponized strain of Variola Major (smallpox). Will not be another Russian Sleep Experiment rip-off.

An outbreak of Yersinia Pestis (Bubonic Plague) in a small medivial town causes the townfolk to see strange, paranormal things (with a little inspiration from the Red Masque)

Those were my ideas. Let me know what you guys think, or let me know if you guys got any good ideas for plague/epidemic/disease - based pastas in the comments. Thanks for any feedback/ideas!

  • NOTE/P.S.* I've finally done ONE about Smallpox >3<, but I need feedback on it...AND MOAR IDEAS! I really think there's not enough creepypastas related to disease out there, and there needs to be more because, really, who isn't scared of a disease that kills you with millions of pustules or making your flesh rot while you're still alive? Maybe Chuck Norris but still, there needs to be more in my opinion.