Ok soo I made a blog post like this before, and I really didn't get as much feedback as I hoped, because I really do need some ideas, I'M BORED OUTTA MY MIND AND I NEED SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT! I've already made ONE pasta about disease, and it turned out sorta ok I guess (I don't really think too highly about some of the stuff I do until I get feedback, its a weird/dumb thing about me ;3;).

Honestly, you'd think there'd be a lot of disease themed pastas out there, but in my opinion there's not that much that I've seen. Maybe one or two but that's about it. Anyway, who isn't scared of diseases? I mean, there's one that kills you with millions of pustules on your skil and on your eyes (Smallpox), one that makes your flesh rot while you're still alive (Gangrene), and one that has a frickin' nursery rhyme about it since it killed like 50% of the world's population (The Plague)!

So really, I think its a GREAT topic to write pastas about, and I need ideas, because I really need to write some TRUELY SCAREY PASTAS (not that I've haven't but, eh), and also I wanna see some out there, because again, disease is a thing people feared since the beginnings of mankind. So please leave some suggestions/feedback in the comments, and if there are any good disease-themed pastas out there, tell me, because I'd like to read em'. Thanks and guten tag! (Good day in German ;3;)