ever since last night all i could hink about was him, i could not get him out of my head i dont know why but why do i continue to think about him. i had to let out this urge i had on me i waited for someone to walk by i had my grey hood up and snuck up behinde the guy i was stalking and cut his head off with my knife and his blood wen all over my face i felt relived or what iv done and all i did was smiled and laughing like a insane person "very good" a whisper said to me breathing down my neck. i turned it was him again, jeff "what the fuck do you want" i said to him wiping off my knife from blood "hey no need to get fiesty their i thought i see what you can do is all" he smirked. i threw my knife at his foot to see if i could scare him off he gave me a twitch and stood their i walked up to him "ever heard of personal space" he said "well i know that but you dont do that when you killing someone are you" i said back "very true" he smirked and got my knife from the ground. "you want to know why i am like this ill tell you why if you choose to listen" he gave me a look of interest "continue" he said with a smirk. "wel see here Jeff when i was little at least around 13 i got picked on alot in school the came december my dad died of illness and my mother on the other hand she died from gunshot from wanna be thugs and tried to kidnapped me and after that *laughs insanely and stabs knife in ground* you know what happedn after i found the bastards" he looked at me "please go on" he said convincing tone "i hunted down those motherfuckers and bash two of them in the head with a rusty pipe and the last one i slit his throat bleeding to death and i felt great its just i could not stop i had to keep going" i slump down to the ground and tear up "they all treat me like im garbage so i had to start over i could not do it anymore until now im back to it" i started to bawl my eyes out. jeff walked up to me and gave me a hug "hey dont..cry i know how it feels i know that feeling" i hugged him back "so far only you understand" i said "caues i know how that feels" i blushed "your actually pretty nice". i backed away from him gathering my thoughts and he disappeared again into the night