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Day 3 of insanity

ok today it was late around 8 o"clock ok i know people usally say you should not be out this late. but hey it was friday and i wanted to go out of my boring ass house. so i was walking around town and i decided to go hang out the park and i went back into the woods i dont know why i go their  at tnoght i just wanted to. so i walked along the trail feeling nervous but i realized a feeling felt befor like i was being followed. so i had to act quick and climbed up a tree and i had my pocket knife at the ready up in the tree soon the noise of the footsteps stopped under the tree i was in. i threw my knife at him but i mised and it stabbed tru the ground so i decided to jump off the tree and i jumped on him and asked "what the fucking hell are you following me" i said to him with a pocket knife to his throat he was the same guy i met befor from two nights ago "ok i dont know who the fuck you are and i dont know how the hell you know my fucking name" he chuckled "well im jeff.. jeff the killer and you how i know about you your the quiet girl that snapped back at michigan and stabbed a guy in the eye for making fun of you for the last time after that you went into hiding for two years am i correct" my mind went blank and all of that was in my past "how did you know that" he chuckled " i know all and you will go back to it so i decided to keep my eye on you" "what do you fucking mean i gave up killing a year ago and i cant never do it again not when i just begun my new life" i snapped at him clentching my kinfe tighter "kill me if you must but ill just come back" my grip losesens "why me" tears run down my face. i got up off him and rubbed my eyes out and then after that he was gone. i hope i dont see him again or at least not to soon 

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