i dont know what is wrong with me i was hanging out in the woods sitting on my favorite tree it was around midnight it was a little chilly for me caues all i had on for warmth was a black jacket.  i was walking thru the woods seeing how any person would go home around this time.  as i was walking i heard branches breaking it could not been me caues i was wasling on a dirt path. somehow i felt i was being follow i stopped and yelled "ok you can stop following me you peice of shit"i said but no one answered. my heart began racing it felt like they where still their that feeling you get when someone just watching you and they are waiting to put your guard down. well not this girl no way as i was near to the exit i was holind my grenade shape pocket knife in my jacket pocket so i can be ready when he or she strikes out at me. just then, just then i felt a tap on my shoulder my hand gripend on my knife. next thing i knew i  gt pulled back and fell to the ground i got my knife out and flipped it on all i knew their was a knife next to my head and my knife on their neck i get a good look at my attacker. his skin was pale white, his hair black his smile was from cheek to cheek and his eyes looked like that he had eyeliner on but the where not blinking. "ok i dont know who the fuck you are but you just messed with the wrong girl" i said to him tightening my grip of my knife. "well played" he smirked "looks like i have underesamated you, for a momment i thought i would just kill you quicker than that aint that right Jess" he said takeing his knife out next to me "how the fuck you know my name" i asked him. he got off me and began to walk "you know in due time jess, i will see you soon" he smirked at me and disappeared in shadows. who is he and how dose he know my name maybe if i see him again i  wont hold back not even now.