aka Jessy

  • I live in Marion, ohio 43302
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is writer, singer artist,and a personal theripists
  • I am female
  • TheDarkPoet

    Day 4 of insanity

    December 30, 2013 by TheDarkPoet

    ever since last night all i could hink about was him, i could not get him out of my head i dont know why but why do i continue to think about him. i had to let out this urge i had on me i waited for someone to walk by i had my grey hood up and snuck up behinde the guy i was stalking and cut his head off with my knife and his blood wen all over my face i felt relived or what iv done and all i did was smiled and laughing like a insane person "very good" a whisper said to me breathing down my neck. i turned it was him again, jeff "what the fuck do you want" i said to him wiping off my knife from blood "hey no need to get fiesty their i thought i see what you can do is all" he smirked. i threw my knife at his foot to see if i could scare him o…

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  • TheDarkPoet

    Day 3 of insanity

    December 27, 2013 by TheDarkPoet

    ok today it was late around 8 o"clock ok i know people usally say you should not be out this late. but hey it was friday and i wanted to go out of my boring ass house. so i was walking around town and i decided to go hang out the park and i went back into the woods i dont know why i go their  at tnoght i just wanted to. so i walked along the trail feeling nervous but i realized a feeling felt befor like i was being followed. so i had to act quick and climbed up a tree and i had my pocket knife at the ready up in the tree soon the noise of the footsteps stopped under the tree i was in. i threw my knife at him but i mised and it stabbed tru the ground so i decided to jump off the tree and i jumped on him and asked "what the fucking hell are …

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  • TheDarkPoet

    Day 2 of insanity

    December 25, 2013 by TheDarkPoet

    i dont know what is wrong with me i was hanging out in the woods sitting on my favorite tree it was around midnight it was a little chilly for me caues all i had on for warmth was a black jacket.  i was walking thru the woods seeing how any person would go home around this time.  as i was walking i heard branches breaking it could not been me caues i was wasling on a dirt path. somehow i felt i was being follow i stopped and yelled "ok you can stop following me you peice of shit"i said but no one answered. my heart began racing it felt like they where still their that feeling you get when someone just watching you and they are waiting to put your guard down. well not this girl no way as i was near to the exit i was holind my grenade shape …

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  • TheDarkPoet

    Insanity day 1

    December 24, 2013 by TheDarkPoet

    what is this pain i am feeling in my chest u have urges when i pick upi a knife i just want to jab it into someones head and laugh and their pain. everytime i read a killing sory such as a jeff the killer one i laugh at the pain he dose to those people. no matter how many times i try to hide it comes back stronger and stronger i dont know what to do can someone please tell me what is wrong with me

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