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Hello my name is TheDarkMistWolf. Funny name isnt it? Well let's take our mind off of that! How about a game? Like any other game, this game has four rules. If you are in a room then close the door and if there are curtains close them, also turn off the light.If you are in the living room, kitchen, wherever you are that's not a bedroom just turn off the light, close the curtains if there is one, and then go in the corner.The second rule of this game, is too be reaaal quiet and count to about 5 seconds.Then when your done (in the bedroom) walk to the bed and lie down.If you are in the other rooms go to the couch or bed,whatever you wish.Third rule, set a timer to 12:00 at midnight then turn off the laptop.Don't worry this page will still be here.Fourth rule, go to sleep. And right when you wake up, you will see me with my demons of the night. And there is something I wish to ask of you... would you like seven minutes of hell?

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