Dang, there's a blog on this thing? That's cool. Anyways, since my first horror story "In the Pines" got really good feedback from the chat, I think I'll start using this blog to go through the writing process, show sneak peaks, and I may even post small stories here. Welcome to the Creepster's Corner! I figure I might as well go through my process of making "In the Pines".

1. Brainstorming: For In the Pines, I wanted to make something different. I decided to see if anyone had ever made a creepy-pasta on Kurt Cobain. When I didn't see any at all, I saw it as a window of oppurtunity to make something different. I jotted down any idea that popped in my head. This process is called throwing up on the page, of course you're actually not supposed to throw up on the page.

2. Filtering: Once I put every little thought bubble on the page, I chose what ideas I liked the best. For the horror story, I wanted the ideas that were spine-tingling, and suspenseful. What you chose and what you trash depends on the genre of your story.

3. Research: Some stories need research. I wanted a lot of stuff said about Cobain true. Yes, Cobain didn't stitch is eyes shut, but it was a cool idea I got from watching Alice in Chain's music video for "Man in the Box". I did use info I got for small details. For example, KurtCob234 was actaully Kurt Cobain's email address.

4. Type away: I'm someone that doesn't go through the long process of writing a rough draft, correcting mistakes, writing a final draft, correct mistakes etc. I simply type my greatest ideas and then correct my mistakes before I publish. I use Microsoft Word Starter 2010 for writing stories, but for Creepy-pastas on this site, I reccomend using the built in page creator.

5. Get your shit straight: Once you're done typing to your greatest desire, find where errors need to be corrected. The Wiki's rules are very strict on grammer, so be careful to check your grammer, spelling, etc.

6. Publish: What you waiting for? PUBLISH THAT BITCH!

This has been a message from the Creepster, and I'm off to take a shit!