Hello! Welcome to the Creepster's Corner! It's about 9:44 a.m. here at the time I'm writing. I know it's early, but I came across something...interesting.

Raise your hand if you read the Creepypasta "Funnymouth"?...holy shit that's a lot of hands!

Anyways, the Creepypasta is fake, but I learned something interesting.

The emails in Funnymouth are legitimate. Well, kinda. I emailed Jorge and Charles from the story, but of no reply.

I decided to email Funnymouth...he replied within 2 seconds after I emailed. After immediatly emailed him, he replied. It said, "Hello Creepster Within *my gmail* Thank you for trying to contact Due to several barely audible complaints, this host has shut down mail correspondence for this address. We are currently investigating the matter, though we are experiencing difficulties as employees assigned to this case have been quitting and/or disappering. We appreciate your patience a we look into the problem and we hope you can like it. Again, has been disconnected from service. Thank you for your time and interest. Sincerely, Barry L. Luud. Fraud, abuse, and dismembermant department. P.S. O)_(O"

Now as far as I know, the story is as fake as Kim Kardashian's tittites. It's very obvious now, considering that the link leads to a website the creator of the story used. It's really interesting how much depth has been put into the story. While yes, it could have been just a auto email, it's still cool that the creator went that far to get us immersed in the world of funnymouth. Some people even had conversations with funnymouth. So I'm gonna try getting into a conversation with him. Yes it's fake, but I could give a dead moose's last dying shit. This is Creepster, and I'm off to take a shit!

Funnymouth moment