Hello! And welcome to the Creepster's Corner! I said I was going to post once a day, but I just didn't give a dead moose's last shit about it. Today I'm talking about expansion. I'm working on another Creepypasta that I think a lot of people will like, I also have re-posted In the Pines onto the SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki. The reason for this is so I can start to build more of an audience. This also means I'm going to posting blogs and creepypastas more frequently. I might also make a website with something like Weebly maybe. Just so I can post something besides Creepypastas. I'm a pretty experienced writer, but a new CP author. I might also work on Trollpastas. Yep, I'm gonna write up some of the worst shit you'll see on the Trollpastas. Just wait and see. This has been The Creepster Within and I'm off to take a shit!