For a blog. What is a blog? A blog is the chronicling of ones life on an internet website, so it is in effect a journal, or diary, via the internet. So my blog will be days in my life, editing and piecing a telligable story for the occasions ill make a note of. Mostly, I would add details of dreams, maybe stars i'm following with my Bushnell telescope, it's awesome and I call it the "bazooka".

I would say of note, that while I am currently in a relationship, I tend to be a self-sacrificing..... or maybe self-destructive person in that nine of the relationships I engage lasts longer than a few months. In truth, I will most likely end the one i'm in now very soon, as I don't see the compatibility.

For most of my lonely, self-indulged past, I would describe it as long bouts of incomparable boredom, with short spurts of highly eratic activity, usually ending in depression, and a step further into madness. My own, black hole of insanity, from wherein certain depths, even death can die from what which was sleeping did eternally lie....