Hello there ladies and gentlemen! This is Azu here back with another review! So this week, I had to really hustle to finish an exam for my HTML class. Basically, we had to build a simple website that documented at least 10 different HTML elements and 3 different CSS properties. We had three weeks to do the exam. However, for the first two weeks, I ended working on the wrong thing. I was building a website but not a site about HTML and CSS elements. I think this happened because I interpreted the instuctions in a different way. Based on the wording, I thought I had to build a website that showcased examples of different elements. So instead of making a site about HTML elements and CSS properties, I ended up building a website that's a blog documenting the places I've travelled to. Today I made a few modifications to the code so that it works in both Firefox and Chrome since I have no idea which browser my HTML professor uses. I think I've learned a very important lesson. Look at the other things on the assignment page in case the wording is wonky.

Link to the review:

So the website I built for the HTML class is called Codeshrew and the mascot for the site is a Sandshrew named Sandy. I have a .zip file with all of the Codeshrew site's HTML pages and Stylesheets so if you're interested in seeing the site, let me know and I'll try to send you a link to the .zip file.