Hello there ladies and gentlemen! This is Azu here back with another Haunting Hour review! So 2016 is pretty much over so this is obviously going be my last review for the year. Speaking of 2016, it was kind of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I got Pokemon Sun for Chirstmas, improved my writing skills thanks to the help from the nice people on this wiki, got to meet a cool relative of mine for the first time, and actually completed a story of mine. On the other hand, Donald Trump won the election and some of my favorite celebrities died.

Link to review:

I already brought up some of the goals I had for 2017 in a previous blog post but for those who haven't seen the post, here are my goals:

1. Complete and refine the "A Trip to Cape Cod That I Won't Forget" pasta (click here to see the most current version!) by the end of 2017.

2. Continue to learn Javascript through Khan Academy (I've already completed their Intro to HTML/CSS course).

3. Start the research and plot outline phase for the "Where are You, Daddy?" pasta and the "Sunny Hill Farms" pasta.