Hello there ladies and gentlemen! This is Azu here and you read that right! This is the 50th episode I've reviewed for my "Every Haunting Hour Ever" marathon on my blog! Woo Hoo! Believe it or not, I started this marathon all the way back in August of 2015 as a way to do some research on this series for a Lost Episode pasta I'm still working on. So in total, there are 76 episodes in this series and so far, I've reviewed 50 of them. So now I only have 26 more episodes to review before this marathon ends.

Link to review:

So for those who are interested, I'm currently working on chapter 14 of that Lost Episode pasta I mentioned earlier in this post and if you want to see what I have so far in that chapter, here's a link to it: (

If you want to read the rest of the pasta, click this link here: (