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New Haunting Hour Review! (Episode 43) 9/2/16

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! This is Azu here coming at you with another Haunting Hour Review! So after months of procrastination and whatnot, the first episode of Pokemon Garnet (Now Pokemon: Johto Quest) is about 95% complete. For those who haven't read the episode, click here to read it

Link to Haunting Hour review:

For the Johto Quest episode, I want it to end with a short speech from the narrator similar to how a Pokemon anime episide would end. Here are a couple of examples I came up with: 

Speech 1: (From that day on, the pair had sparked a powerful friendship with one another. What will our heroes encounter on their way to the Lake of Rage? Find out next time on Pokemon: Johto Quest!)

Speech 2: (This is just the start of Emily and Eddy's epic journey, sure to be filled with all sorts of peril and hilarity! But what awaits our heroes at the Lake of Rage? Find out next time on Pokemon: Johto Quest!) 

Which speech do you think will work the best? Let me know in the comments below! 

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