Hey guys! This is Azu here back with another Haunting Hour review. So I've been really caught up in Pokemon Go as of late and so far, I've caught 59 different types of Pokemon and seen at least 61. Yesterday, I caught a Magnemite and Meowth. I've also gotten a Sandshrew via a 5km egg and it's so adorable! 

Link to the review:

I've been doing a bit more work on a website that I'll use for hosting my upcoming Pokemon fan fiction series and editing a site on mobile sucks! It seems as though whenever I try to do anything, I feel like I have to fight against something and it's really frustrating! I used different mobile devices (Such as my phone and tablet), tried different browsers (such as the default Android browser and Mozilla Firefox), cleared both the browser and system cache, but nothing seems to work. If you're wondering, I'm using Weebly to construct the website so I guess this is their way of saying "Oh you don't want to use our mobile app to edit the site? Then taste our wrath motherfucker! Muwahahahaha!" 

For the Haunting Hour pasta, I think I'll end chapter 13 after Kristy's mom leaves the room to let Kristy rest and recover from the injuries she sustained from falling down the stairs. For those who don't know, this is the part I'm talking about: 

(The episode then cut to Kristy and her dad walking down the stairs. As they were making their way down the stairwell, Kristy had missed a couple of steps and went tumbling down the stairs. When Kristy made it to the bottom, she began groaning loudly and could barely move any of her limbs. "Kristy, are you okay?!" Kristy's parents yelled as they began to surround her. Kristy's mother began frantically examining her from head to toe, making sure that she didn't have any serious injuries. "Well, nothing seems like its dislocated and none of the bones seem broken." Kristy's mother concluded. She suggested that she and her husband should move Kristy over to the couch and mustered up as much strength as they could to lift Kristy up off of the floor.

Once they got her on the couch, Kristy's mother took a close look at her. She noticed that Kristy's eyes had a faint dark purple colouring around them. "Oh no wonder you're tripping and falling, honey!" Kristy's mother said, "You look like you got no sleep last night." She sighed and then told Kristy to rest up for a little while and let her know when she would be up to going shopping.)