Hey there guys this is Azu here back with another Haunting Hour Review! Lately, I've been caught up in research for game programming and whatnot. I think I finally found a program that's very beginner friendly and may be able to teach me most of the basics of coding and whatnot. This program is called Unity and it includes C# (A coding program that's also called C-Sharp and is for beginners that shares a few similarities to C++) and is quite light (doesn't slow down you computer all that much) compared to other coding programs. I'm still a bit confused by the program so I'm going to watch a few tutorials for Unity and C# to hopefully clear up some of this confusion.

Anyway, here's the link to the newest Haunting Hour review:

I've been wanting to work on more of my Haunting Hour review but like I've said, I have been caught up in researching coding programs and whatnot. The good news though is that I'm almost done with chapter 12 so maybe today I can take some time to work on the story and then watch a few tutorials on Unity and C#. I found a tutorial for C# that's like six hours long but I think the length is due to the fact that it's made for absolute beginners such as myself and I'd imagine there would be a lot of ground to cover because of that.