Hey there guys! This is Azu here and I'm back with another Haunting Hour review! So far in this season, I've reviewed over 12 episodes and since there's only 18 total episode in this season, I've only got a few more to go until I reach the season finale!

Here's the link to my latest review:

So for the next part in my story, the episode could shift to night time where we see Kristy's mom setting up a sleeping bag in Kristy's room. A while later, we see Kristy trying to fall asleep. She eventually does but ends up having nightmares. Maybe something along the lines of this: Kristy falls asleep and she's soon deep in slumber. A little while later, Kristy wakes up to the sound of a window opening downstairs. She slowly treks downstairs and sees nothing. Just as she's about to go to bed when suddenly, something emerges behind Kristy from the gaps in the hardwood floor. It grabs her and starts to attack her, all the while the attacker is never shown on screen.

Here's the beginning of the nightmares part: "After the two had parted ways, the episode had cut to a scene showing the front of Kristy's house. The sky behind it was now a navy blue colour with very few white dots scattered about. I also noticed that the streetlights in front of the house had a milky white glow to them."

Let me know what you think about this decision in the comments below!