Hello out there! This is Azu here and I finally managed to take the time to make another Haunting Hour review! Kermit: Yaaaaaay! 

The link is here:

So regarding the upload schedule, I'm going to upload the reviews every other Friday since that may give me enough time to write and look over each review without feeling rushed. This schedule may go into effect by next Friday but I'll have to play that by ear. 

So the first episode of the Pokemon fan fiction is nearly complete and once I get designing a site for it all squared away, that's where it will go since I don't think Blogger or similar sites are going to cut it. The Haunting Hour pasta is still being worked on. I've started on the reworked version of Chapter 12 and in the reworked version of certain chapters, I'm adding more content to them and basically expanding upon chapters that were formally bite sized.