I did it guys! Chapter 6 is finally finished! I gotta say, I had a bit of trouble finishing this chapter because I had a severe case of writer's block that would be on and off. Sometimes I would have an idea but other times it felt as like I couldn't get anything out. I tried a bunch of tips to curb writer's block from a few of my friends on this wiki and with their powers combined, they formed Captian Planet! Ok well THAT didn't happen but they did help me out a lot. I'm currently on chapter 7 where we do get past the cold opening and into the actual episode. Here's the start of chapter 7: "As the episode began playing, the setting had been switched to modern day Japan, where a black and white truck with a flat hood had been parked alongside the half opened steel gate of a two story home."

Since Haunting Hour episodes usually have a lot of atmosphere to them, I want to do the same with the actual episode. However, I'm kind of stuck on how I should describe it. I had a couple of ideas which were:

"This shot was focused on for a few seconds with almost nothing but the ambience of the humming cicadas and the occasional chirping of the birds alongside calm but faint orchestral music."


"There also seemed to be audible gusts of wind in the background and the screen was covered in a blue and grey tint. There were also sliver lines that flew across the screen and acted like drops of water when they hit the ground." 

So with that said, which description do you think will work best with the beginning of the chapter?