Hey guys! It's Azu here and I finally finished chapter 7 of my pasta. It took me a bit of a long time because I didn't know whether or not I wanted to split it up into two chapters. The reason why I say this is because the chapter is about 7 paragraphs long and I thought that was going to be way too long for a chapter. After a peer review however, it turns out that didn't seem like a big issue so I decided to keep it the way it is.

For chapter 8, I want to show Kristy on her walk around the neighborhood and maybe the protagonist watching the episode gets interupted by Erika and her brother Hunter. I don't know, the details are not set in stone yet. I also had the whole story peer reviewed by another person who said that the only flaws so far were repetitious transitions and grammer issues so I'm currently fixing those while I try to think of how to start off chapter 8.

As for a new Haunting Hour review, I have one that's finished and ready to go. However, it's not uploaded on my blog yet so I'll have to do that sometime soon and post the link in another Creepypasta blog post. That's all I got for now so unitl next time, this has been AzumangaDaiohFan saying au revoir!