Hey Guys! Azu here and boy did it take me awhile to get this chapter done. Well, I actually finished the chapter a couple of days ago but seeing as how a lot of weird stuff, like the RIPWiki redirect glitch and the maintenence for the editing system, has happened I hadn't gotten a chance to write about the update on this wiki.

Anyway, in Chapter 11, the shadow figure returns only this time it has become even more detailed than last time. For those of you who haven't been keeping up with these pasta updates, I'll fill you in. The shadow figure is an entity that stalks the main character and throughout the story becomes more and more detailed.

We also get further into the episode that the protagonist is watching.

As of this update, I have written the first paragraph of chapter 12. Hopefully I can get further into said chapter but I'll have to continue with my chapter outline of this chapter to see what will happen.