Hey guys! It's Azu here and I'm here with another pasta update. Man can you believe it? This pasta already has 10 chapters going for it. That's gotta be some sort of record on the wiki, right? I mean, I know there are some long pastas like 1999 and NES Godzilla but I'm getting the feeling that my pasta might be longer than those two stories combined by the time the pasta is fully completed. 

Anyway, about the story. In chapter 10, Kristy, the girl protagonist in the episode the main protagonist is watching, gets scared by a neighbor of hers. It turns out the neighbor had mistaken her for one of his friends due to similarities in appearance. Kristy introduces herself as the new kid in town and the boy reveals that his name is Hotaka Koizumi. The two talk a bit and Hotaka invites Kristy to his house. 

At the Koizumi house, Kristy is told about the legend of the samurai girl by Hotaka. After that, Kristy gets invited by Jotaka to play a game of Kokuri San with his friends sometime in the week to which Kristy happily accepts. 

That is all I will reveal for now. I have an update for chapter 11 coming soon.