Finally! I've managed to finish up the forth chapter in my new Creepypasta. The chapter itself is only a few paragraphs long but the real reason it took so long to finish is because of a few things:

1. When I had looked back at the story, I realized that it was too reliant on coincidences when it came to the plot and character relationships. So I had to go back and do a major overhall in that department. This was probably the part that took up the most time in the editing department.

2. There were segments in the story that either grammatically incorrect or awkwardly worded. Some of these problems had stemmed from my dielect and how i would speak a bit fast and become a bit wordy with my sentences.

3. I had a lot of things to do this week so I was lucky when i got to work on the story. I had homeschool work to do, I had other projects i was working on, and i had to attend an event with my homeschooling group on monday. Oh and there was also a snowstorm that had affected the area where i'm living and the power had gone out for a little while so i couldn't use my computer. Even though my story is stored on my tablet and i can access the Creepypasta Wiki on it, i prefer to use this wiki on my computer since it's not so laggy and unresponsive.

Even though i'm finished with chapter 4, i may still go back and edit the story for any other issues. I do this the most when i've run out of ideas for a chapter or even when i finish a chapter. I don't know how many chapters there are going to be in this Creepypasta. However, i'll still keep you guys updated whenever i complete on of the chapters.