Hey Guys! This is Azu here and i've been very active in terms of talking to other people and figuring my way around this site. I gotta say, i'm feeling more comfortable and confident about the workings of this site now. For me, its a learning experience finding my way around. At first, i was a little unsure of some of the policies on the site (i.e How to submit Creepypastas that fall under Blacklisted Genres, requirments to become an Admin, story editing, etc). However, i've since gotten a better idea of those policies and whatnot.

Anyway, i've been working extremely hard on my Creepypasta while juggling all the other things going on in my life right now. I've been kind of tired and busy at the moment because of it, even though i'm a bit of an insomniac who can stay up late and can go through the day without many problems. Speaking of my new Creepypasta, I'm currently on chapter 4. Although, I'm a little stuck right now for ideas and because of this, it's been taking a bit long to write the Creepypasta since i don't like to force ideas if i don't have to. When ideas are not forced, i can save some mental energy and possibly prevent burnout. However, when i am stuck for ideas, i usually go back and re-read what i have. During this process, i will also look for things like grammatical errors, awkward wording, etc.

Hopefully, i get a spark of inspiration that will help me continue my work on the Creepypasta. Anyways, I hope to post another blog update reguarding my Creepypasta soon. I might update this blog as i complete each chapter from now on. Though I won't have a consistant updating pattern since the chapters will usually vary in length. Until then, have a nice day!