Hey There! This is Azu here and lately, i've been reading a lot of "Dreams/Sleep" Creepypastas. Most of the pastas i've read so far seem to be rather interesting and surreal. I think this is because they mostly rely on Psychological horror, which happens to be one of my favorite types of horror. However, there were blunders such as "Wake Up" and "Necrosleep". They each have their faults that I felt weakened the story (i.e Necrosleep borrowed too many elements from Psychosis and Wake Up didn't reach it's full potential.) Despite that though, the genre is still chock full of great pastas that are a blast to read. These include, Hypno's Lullaby, Dreams, Sleep, and Hallucinations, and Girl Of My Dreams. So with that said, what are your favorite pastas from this genre? If you do have a favorite or favorites, explain why in the comment section.

For example, One of my favorite Dream/Sleep pastas is "Anesthesia". I like this pasta because of how well paced the story is. The best way I can explain it is that the story flows very naturally. It never feels anything moves too fast or too slow, despite the fact that the story took place in a dream. While some of the scary parts can get a little over the top at times (i.e There's one part where Nazis are cutting off the fingers of a Jewish woman for screaming and another part where a guy tries to threaten the main character with a knife to give him his shirt.) It doesn't really distract me that much from the overall story, as i can still enjoy the surrealism of the enviroment and even some of the characters.