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I am sorry to inform you that I cant be on as much as I am now , when I am on this chat I am usualy on a school computer , now that school is over that cant happen . I will try to be on as much as I can and when ever I can . I am trying to get my laptop fixed and am getting a job soon , to get money for a new and way better laptop , so that I can be on this site as much as possible . This will only be for the summer most likly , after the summer is over I will be able to be on chat more , haveing access to another school computer . I hope I get to keep talking on this wiki as much as I do now , but I am not sure if that will be possable , next year I will be in 10th grade , which means more work , I cant get the stuff I have now done early and get on this site , but next year im not so sure .

Ps. if im on the chat and not talking it means im in PM .

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