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My Chat Family

I anybody didn't know I has a chat family , My chat wifey is Lei Omaki , My childs are ScarletDisaster and Irishninja0 , And my dog is Horrorfan .

I made this blog to tell you how scarlet and Irish came to be .

Scarlet and Irish were not born in a normal way , they were born though chat , which has some special effects . Irish came out singing highway to hell riding a toy motorcycle . He was the first born , born to be wild . Scarlet however was the exact opposite , she came out silent , she noticed that everybody was looking at her expectantly so she jumped back in the chat womb a jumped back out with a cane and top hat singing "Hello my baby , Hello my Honey , Hello my rag time gal ". We laughed for hours . She was the singer of our little family .

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