My dear friends , i am not going to be posting many pastas in the next few months . I had recently wrote a book that alot of people liked , and i recently got a email from a actual author who liked my book , so I decided that i am going to write more on this series and on a different project that i wont say anything about till after its done , so dont ask . I will at sometimes post something here , most likly a short story that just pops into my head or a blog but not many because i will be busy . I will still be in chat when i am taking breaks so i will still be able to talk . I hope to be finished soon , then i will be adding lots of storys to this site , and if alowed i will post the whole book in chapters on this wikia since it does seem to follow what some people do post on here . it will be rather long but there are some pretty long storys on here already , like the Godzilla one . idk if i will be able to post it here , i will have to show it to a few admins when its finished . I will see you all later.