Hello my friends 

As some of you know i has helped a lot of people on this chat with their life problems and anything they need help with. Over the time i have been here i have helped may people at least 15 in the past 4 months and i have stopped at least 6 people from committing suicide . i am a self proclaimed chat therapist , i am a very trust worthy person promise the person that whatever is said in the PM will stay within the PM , and i have never broken that promise and i never plan to . Some people need help but wont trust me or anybody to help them , they think people will laugh at them or tell them to take their problem elsewhere , well i'm hoping i can put a stop to that , if possible i would like to get a new title , like when chat moderator or admin shows on your profile, But this one will be called Chat Therapist, this one will not hold many privileges, all i hope to gain is the trust of more people . If people see i am actually trustworthy enough that i have gained the title then maybe they will let me help them . As i have said i will never tell anybody about your problems unless you want them told and i will never release the names of the people i have helped , your secrets are safe with me.