my opinion is that they should bring back the chat. Admins, delete this if you have to, im stating an opinion. The chat gave a little bit of life to the wiki, and if a person is causing drama over and over or other problem. Perminently ban them from the chat. All I am is a very small time [awful] pasta writer, and I am doing this because I love this wiki and pastas so much that I just want to do what is best for this place. If anyone agrees or dissagrees then put the stuff down in the comments

update: Also I think there should be time frames when the chat is up, for example: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. so that the wiki chat gets less drama and the chat should be open all week days and sometimes weekends. Tell me what you think pasta nation and respond!

update: And with the writers thing [ whatever they call it ] and the chat people can communitcate ideas. And the message system on this wiki is not that great. To me it is unconvenient because your friend might not respond for hours, days, to even weeks! With the chat ALL of that would get cleared up. Messages would come in instantly [ depending ] and we can communicate more clearly. :) Cheers.

I understand some people will not ask for advice and there SHOULD NOT be a rule saying you have to but, wouldn't that be good? so many talented writers are there and could help lead this wiki to a bigger status than: " just a wiki. " I know that may be to much to ask, so for any ideas, ways to improve on this idea, etc, come to my talk page! I check daily so you don't have to wait.

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