I hate it when something starts to go right and then someone has to go to screw it the crap up.! Like people.! My summer has sucked balls (Yes, they sucked balls, deal with it). I don't know why I m even typing this. Not like anyone reads my blog anyway. I have drawn all my favorite creepy pastas just to pass the time so my mind doesn't drift to unwanted thoughts, that happens a lot. My favorite youtuber Danisnotonfire calls it a cringe attach. It's when you start thinking about something stupif you did or horrible or somethng sad and it just makes you cringe, sadly that normally happens when I am in public, normally at school trying to atleast act normal and I fail terribly. I am sitting here at 2 something in the morning typing a blog half asleep cause I don't want to sleep, why sleep when I could be sharing my useless crap with you guys :D You are dearly welcome pastas.!

I am not quite sure why but I am addicted to some italics and BOLD letters tonight.! it looks PRETTTTTYYYYYY, like Jeff The Killer.! o.o I did not just say that. So I am an obsessive reader, like I read the bill boards going down the highway just so I can read something :P Yea, dont jude me bishes.! I am getting like really sleepy guys.! Ughhhhhh.! Can people comment on my blogs...? Well if that is wikia possible, then tell me what creepypastas I should read.! :D I think I need to go to sleep but It is like way to much trouble to try and tight the urge to open my eyes and watch some sexy men hop across my screen on Hemlock Grove (What I am watching at this point in amazing time, it does in fact have some sexy guys) sitting here also texting embarssing pictures to my friend :p THAT IS HOW I ROLLLLLLL BISHES.!!!! WHOOP WHOOP.! As you can tell I am now suffering from no sleep. I AM OFFICALLY ENDING THIS PARAGRAH ON MY BLOGGGG.! MORE TO COME SOON.! GOOD NIGHT PASTAS.! I LOVEE YOU YOU IDIOTS AND HOPE YOU ENJOED MY VERY ODD 3 O'CLOCK WEIRDNESS.!