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    Just... damn.

    Guiding Death reads more like an urban legend that a Creepypasta. However, this story of a lighthouse worker still chills me to the bone. And that's saying something, coming from a guy who regularly tells campfire stories.

    The whole pasta has a kind of eerie feel, and you don't know exactly where it's going to go. At least, not until the end.

    Guiding Death is short, but it packs a punch. The whole thing sounds like it could be told over a campfire at 1:30 in the morning.

    The scenes are described just enough to where you can get the idea of where this happens, but is still vague enough to keep the eerie tone. I also particularly like the way Death speaks. He sounds like an entity that tries to stay nice, but always does its j…

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  • ThatPastaGuy

    5 in the morning seems like the perfect time for Creepypasta, especially when you live in an area with barely any streetlights.

    So after spamming the random pasta button a few times this morning, I came across Autopilot. It certainly upped the creepiness factor when I had to immediately get in my car afterward. Thank god its February.

    I almost didn't spotlight this one because it's filed in SR, but if you're anything like me and click that random button like there's no tomorrow, there's a chance you may not have come across it. So there's my half-baked excuse for spotlighting it anyway.

    Autopilot's definitely one of the more mundane pastas I've read, but it needs to be. The protagonist (can you really call him that?) is, for the most part, ju…

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  • ThatPastaGuy

    Kicking off this idea of spotlighted pastas is The Library of Eternity. I've always been an intellectual, so I love the idea of this eternal library, where all the answers to life are stored.

    The author does an excellent job describing the process of getting to the library, giving the pasta a mystical feel. I so rarely come across ritual pasta that stands out, but this one easily is above most of its competition.

    The writing itself is very good as well. It's paced well, with good phrasing, and it didn't waste time with frivolous details. It was short, sweet, and thought-provoking; all three details I enjoy in a pasta.

    Final words: The Library of Eternity is an interesting pasta. It doesn't overstay its time, but it's clever writing style and …

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  • ThatPastaGuy

    The First of Many

    February 1, 2016 by ThatPastaGuy

    First off, let me say that I'm not kidding about my birthday. I really was born on Halloween.

    Second, no, I'm not Italian, and no, I didn't come up with the name for my Creepypasta profile. ThatPastaGuy was a nickname long before now. I just love pasta that much.

    Finally, I might as well explain how my review system works.

    There is no system. I just look at it and give it a score.

    I'll post any that I particularly like here as a 'Spotlighted Pasta', as both a tribute to them and a nod to you, dear reader, on what to read.

    Well, I say dear reader. If there's anyone out there actually reading this crap, you get something for your trouble.

    Enjoy your pasta!


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