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Nothing's Creepy Enough

Alright I'll just jump right into this, but nothing's creepy enough for me (or some of you other creepypasta readers out there)! I'm gonna guess it's because I grew up with creepy stuff (used to watch the Nightmare Before Christams all the time when I was younger, LOVE THAT MOVIE!) Horror movies, most creepypastas, blood and gore (which I actually prefer to read/watch) just none of it seems... creepy to me anymore.

So to get to the point of this post, anyone who reads this I CHALLENGE you to send me the creepiest pastas you can find! None of those famous ones though (including Jeff, Slendy, Smile Dog, etc.) More hard to find pastas, SCARY pastas none the less.

I thank you in advance and can't wait to see what all you creepypasta readers find for me (or other readers)

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