There has been a recent discussion about site/chat. Bushy Bushy... er Bushcraft Medic, Mr. Zalgopasta, and many other users on the chat have proposed various ideas about what would should do with chat, such as an UNOFFICIAL chat expirement where we shut it down for either two days or a week or something in between. My personal thoughts are that we should add more chat moderators to help out the chat, as summer is coming to a close and less summer-newbs have been joining. Some of the suggestions about what we should do about the chat have been (but are not limited to, also none of this is official as of now):

1. Shutting down the chat for a couple days. (Neutral about that idea)

2. Making the chat for those two shut down days 18+ (I'm against that idea)

3. Adding more chat moderators. (Supportive)

4. Start kicking people when their status goes away. (Helps out your computer and helps doesn't crowd chat)

5. Just leave it be. (Hell naw)

6. Have a certain amount of edits before you can chat. (Semi-supportive)

I would like to know your opinions about the sbjects. Would you like chat to be shut down for a couple days? Do you think this place needs more mods, if so who would you like to be a mod? Should we kick people if their status goes to away? What do you think about summernewbs in general? Do you think the chat should have an edit requirement before you join? Do you like the chat as of now? I would like to know your thoughts.