It was summer. My cousin and I decided to check out this haunted house in our neighborhood. The legend was a mean family lived there. They were very wealthy. They were a family of five. The son was named Sebastian. He was a mean wealthy child. Just like his younger sister Susan. Their parents were very mean to others. Sebastian went into the bathroom. He was gonna take a bath. Every time he takes a bath, he liked the water very high. So he would duck down, and try to hold his breath for as long as he could. Of course, he never told his family. But that night, he couldn't hold it any longer. He drowned to death. Next was his father. He was a skilled hunter. So he was out hunting. He hid in a bush. But another hunter mistaken him for an animal. So he shot him in the neck. He saw that he wasn't an animal at all! The other hunter was put in jail guilty of "murder". The mother and Susan hanged themselves in sorrow. Back to the story, my cousin brought his flash light and we went in. We saw skulls lying around. Blood on the wall. We decided to go to the bathroom where Sebastian died. We saw a child in the mirror. He was dressed in rich but ruined clothing. He attempted to grab me. But I shook him off. We ran out then locked the door. Next we explored the dining room where Susan and the mother were hanged. We saw two ghosts hanged. It was Susan and the mother. Susan's head turned around all the way backwards and looked at me. Hands came from the walls and reached for us. Susan's eyes turned red. We ran outside. Never to go into that house again.