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Profile Loading...20% Tall, black hair, pale...40% Likes to sing, dance, act, write stories, and eat food...70% 1 of 4 members...90% YouTube+Music=Life...100% ERROR ERROR. Profile could not be downloaded.

Hey everyone! I'm Misty. I know what your thinking. What is Team-Pasta? Well we are a group of people who like all things creepy! My friend started this group and he is amazing. So basically the group consists of 4 people. We will be

writing a lot of CreepyPasta's so stick around for them!

You need help now because I am demented and strange. Just kidding!

, September 18, 2013 (UTC)Misty

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I am Mr.Simple, I have a seperate account as well as this one. I am the one who started this thing. 1 of 4 members. I know you are reading this because I am reading this with you. Team-Pasta was as explained by Misty. This is a creepy team. Expect creepy things lurking in the back of your minds by the end of reading our creepypastas. , September 19, 2013 (UTC)Mr.Simplethings

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