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  • TeaCupsinBlackandWhite

    Well Hi. I was told the riffs are basically over but oh well, I still wanted to say that my bloody computer broke and died for a few weeks. But that is in the past. As if I used this site all that much in the first place, but it is still nice to be on here. 

    Anyway, sorry about my null activity as always, I doubt I have to apologize. I am just curious as to what I would use this blog for anymore, I only created it for riffs, honestly. 

    TeaCupsinBlackandWhite (talk) 22:46, April 10, 2015 (UTC)Poison

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  • TeaCupsinBlackandWhite

    Well hi. I am cleaning out that arcive in my Google Drive, so I am just going to riff until I can't anymore. How about a little prelude to this story. The first love will always be the hardest to get over, but just remember that it can be avoided if you appease the spirits. Anyhow, let's get this over with: 

    The One and Only. Isn’t that a book by Emily Giffin?

    Maggie was about 7 years old And Sally was six, thank you. . She used to play lots of toys Oh I love to “play toys”.  and games Would you like to play a game?. Most of all she imagined herself as a princess How sweet.. You know in every fairytale story there's the princess looking for her prince Except for in Brave, and Mulan, and Beauty and the Beast..

    Maggie felt like when she grew up she would…

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  • TeaCupsinBlackandWhite

    Well hi. I have been busy with life lately and haven't had a chance to riff. In my riffing abuse, I heard that Dorky is getting rather popular! Good for him, he deserves the recognition~. Any way I had some stories saved on my Google Drive to riff. I will be riffing "It Was Just a Shadow". Let's get this over with:

    It Was Just a Shadow There must be six more weeks of winter.

    Your eyes shoot open.Ouch.  You sit up on your bed and examine your surroundings “Last night was crazy, what happened?”. You are in your room I hope I am in my room, this is my bed..; nothing has been touched. You wonder why you woke up so suddenly “A thought goes through your head, “Did I leave the oven on?”” and checked the time. 3:30 AM Ten points for exact timing. . You stre…

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  • TeaCupsinBlackandWhite

    Well hi. I am bored and thanks to the time change, I am in no way tired. Of course, I won't be saying that in the morning, but whatever. Anyway, in honor of this terrible time change, I found a Creepypasta that has a time-based story, or at least that is what the title suggests. I really should be at least trying to do something more productive than amuse strangers (and Dorky) on the internet, but no. Anyhow, enough of my rambling, let's riff this- You know what? I don't really feel like using Dorky's line. Let's just get this over with. :

    3:43 a.m.

    He's there again, I know he is, I can hear him, breathing harshly. Perhaps you should get the poor boy an inhaler?  It was so quiet, I could hear his eye lids bat I thought you said he was breathing h…

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  • TeaCupsinBlackandWhite

    Well hi. I found this interesting little pasta, which I resonate with because I watch kids often and have to threaten them with something to shut them up, so why not a place from the Creepypasta Wiki? Anyhow, I didn't feel like putting this riff off until the weekend, so as the saying goes, "Let's riff this bitch" :

    Where Bad Kids Go

    I must have been six or seven Why not both? when I lived in Lebanon. The country was ravaged by war at the time, and murders were common and frequent As to be expected in a war and a creepypasta. I remember during a particularly vicious era, when the bombings rarely stopped, I would stay at home sitting in front of my television Wait, if there was bombing, wouldn’t you go to a barrack or something or is your home made…

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