aka Kaycee

  • I live in Iowa
  • I was born on December 3
  • I am Female
  • Tavrina

    Laughter.. Is all you here in this dark place... They call your problems "illness" but you know your not crazy like they say you are.. You don't need help you just need to get out of this place. You sit on a padded floor, with padded walls and your in a strait jacket. You just sit there and laugh because your not crazy. You get flash backs from previous days in your life. One still sticks in your head. You see A bodie hanging from a hook and a bath-tub beneath it allowing the blood to drain out of the dead body, The guts of the body lay in a sink and the head? In the kitchen, eyes gone. Just black holes stareing back at you.

    A few day's have passed sence you have visited the patted room. You lay strapped down to your bed as "Docters" shove n…

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