Evening, creepos and spoop-junkies! Glad to meet you.

Man this has been a long time coming. I'm part of a channel over on Youtube about breaking down fiction and then using what we uncover to come up with fiction of our own, and this October we finally got the chance to sink our claws into creepypasta. We've all been fans of the genre for a looong time, but never had the chance to really get involved. Not until now.

So, after stepping back and looking at the genre at large, we'd like to share with all of you what we were able to find. A lot of this stuff will probably be familiar to you, but some of you may actually be surprised...

Monsters in Our Memes — Creepypasta Month (ft12:09

Monsters in Our Memes — Creepypasta Month (ft. CreepsMcPasta!)

After we finished the first video—which was pretty broad in its scope, looking more at the origin and the effects of creepypasta—we started into our second installment. This time we wanted to get a little more intimate, zeroing in on the different types of creepypasta out there. Of course this site offers a far more useful classification system (read: page categories), but we feel this is a decent primer for what you can expect from creepypasta in general.

And, suprise surprise, a blue-skinned, gask-mask-clad creature of the night you may recognize skulked his way into our video...

The 4 Flavors of Creepypasta — Creepypasta Month (ft08:20

The 4 Flavors of Creepypasta — Creepypasta Month (ft. MrCreepyPasta!)

Finally, how could we make a string of creepypasta videos without trying our hand at it? We concluded the month by using everything we learned to inform the writing of our own original creepypasta story:

"Computer Vision Syndrome" — Original Creepypasta — Creepypasta Month30:15

"Computer Vision Syndrome" — Original Creepypasta — Creepypasta Month

(click here to view the wiki page)

Ultimately, we're just really sad to be done examining the genre. There's so much more to say, but alas—we only have so long to work on these. Hopefully you guys will find this stuff valuable, or at the very least informative.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share! We'd love to hear back from you. Very open to comments and criticism, especially from the creepypasta community itself.