Hello! Please, call me Tala (or, if you really want to give me a nickname, you may)! I'm here to get ideas and experiment with my writing, so please feel free to comment positively or negatively. Tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like! BUT PLEASE! Don't be rude.

I may not post a lot of very refined works, but I'd definitely like to post first drafts and such, or experimental works to see how certain descriptions or sentence structures work, or how a certain concept might pan out. I'm hoping to someday write professionally, and I'm going to begin my formal creative writing training in the Fall.

Regarding comments, if you're rude/mean/assholish/or just plain disrespectful towards me or any of the other commentors, I will not hesitate to call you out and make you look like you're an idiot who just wants to feel superior for whatever reason. I will use ample ammounts of sarcasm, sass, and downright bitchiness if I have to. I do swear so much that I'd make a sailor blush, so if you don't like that, don't be rude about it, just step off and leave.

If you recognize me from, please know that fanfictions (also mostly experimental with ideas and language) will not be reposted here. These are original concepts, and if you wanna read my taking some romance and LITERALLY evicerating it, go there.

That's pretty much all you need to know! Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys in the next story!