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    Okay, I know it seems a little weird or whatever, but as I was reading that creepypasta, I turned on my music for the sake of having something to keep me company and stop me from freaking out. But what I couldn't handle was the song progression. All of the song titles seemed a bit ominous and the melodies were all (for the most part) in haunting minor keys:

    Never Let This Go - Paramore

    Hold it Against Me - Britney Spears (Skrillex Remix)

    Whoever Brings the Night - Nightwish

    All to Myself - Mariana's Trench.

    I started listening carefully to the lyrics of that last song, and they all seem a little strange when thought of in context of the creepypasta itself:

    I don't patronize, I realize
    I'm losing and this is my real life
    I'm half asleep and I'm wid…

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