So I said that I would be writing down all of the nightmares I have of late, unfortunately/ fortunately my subconscious mind has not concucted any horrific nightmares for myself to endure- but while that saves myself from being mentally scarred, it also means I have no new nightmares to share. So, not wanting let all you eager readers down... (let's be real, not wanting to let myself down) I wanted to start sharing my old nightmares, the one that has stuck with me for such a longer time. I'll begin with the first nightmare I first ever remember having as a kid.


This is the first nightmare I ever recall having, I believe I was about 5 when this nightmare occured. Despite it being less terrifying than some of my other nightmares and being more of my sweet and short ones, for some reason I can remember this one clear as day. I was in the car with my mum and my dad, I wasn't sure where we were heading to but I was calm. I look outside my car window and I see walking skeletons on the pathways, none are doing anything particuarly threatening but skeletons we enough to scare me. Like any child I called out for my mum and dad in hopes for comfort, but that's not what this nightmare offered; my mum turned around in her seat and said "What is it love?" and I see that she herself is a skeleton and so is my dad, they turn around in their seat and shot a wide skeletal grin right at me.