I've decided that every nightmare I have that'll write it here, more for my sake than anyone elses's.

I've been getting nightmares ever since I was a kid, but thankfully have become less frequent since as a kid I would wake up every night screaming in hysteria. I've always had really vivid dreams and more often than not I can remember them, the dreams and nightmares are always super weird and have extremely random elements.

Anyway I didn't have this dream last night but rather the night before:


The colour around me was all brown and white, kinda like in a sepia filter. I knew I was in the past and I scanned my surroundings, there was dirt and men with guns and I knew I was in a warzone. Barbedwire, guns, sanbags and all, a sergeant then came into my view and he was ording soldier's to come out of a cabin. Inside was soldiers but zombie, disabled looking ones (like circus freaks), the sergeant exclaimed if they didn't come out then they would die. The soldiers came out all except one girl, the sergeant then barked orders at them and telling them how to infiltrate their enemies area, I suddenly understood that they sent these zombie type soliders out because they were less valuable than the 'healthy' soldiers.


I was suddenly in a room trying to collect certain items with two children, an adolescent boy and the female soldier from the cabin. I don't know what we were doing but I knew that our lives were on the line, I believe we were trying to get away from something. We were almost there so we sat on the bed when the soldier spoke up and said 

"We forgot one thing... The Escaper"

Suddenly I remembered something about an unseen force in a bedroom down the hall that we forgot about.


This one was more creepy than downright terrifying, but it was still weird. It didn't scare me but it was only when I woke up and thought about it that I realied it was pretty creepy.

Anyway, I want to do this so I can keep track of my weird, creepy and horrifying nightmares as I have plenty. Maybe when I'm bored I can write about the more significant ones I remember from my childhood

~Miss Darkside~