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    (Note: This is a spinoff of the page "How to Write Creepypasta" with some stuff that I think was not mentioned.)

    So, you want to learn how to make a decent creepypasta? I'm guessing one of the main reasons you're here is because you're curious. You want to know why your pasta got deleted. Why you got blocked for a week. Why one of the admins left that accursive message upon your talkpage because you didn't know what the "Article Listing," was. The admins were only trying to help, which is one of the first things you need to know- Admins are your friends. Although they deleted your pasta and seemed to insult you on how poor your writing was, they were actually doing the community a favor. Here, let me explain.

    Creepypasta Wiki gets around 70 …

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  • TacoExpress

    Possible Vodka SHOTS

    November 8, 2012 by TacoExpress

    Rules: Try to come up with a delicious/nasty tasting vodka shot without getting too dirty. Make your names catchy and funny! If you got nothing good, don't post. Let me start with some ideas of mine.

    Sour Puss Shot: Lemon Juice, Salt, Vodka (obviously)

    Puke Shot: Guacamole, Vodka

    Cum Shot (From Epic Meal Time): Vodka w/ a couple of drops of milk or mayo, not too sure.

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  • TacoExpress

    This year me and my friends have made the idea that we are going to make a maze (The thing that people walk through and guys in costumes jump out at them) instead of Trick r' Treating like idiots.

    So I was wondering of some good ideas for this, and since this is creepypasta and everything, I was assuming good ideas.

    NU SQUIDWORDZ SUICIDE, I was thinking of a Slendy forest theme or something, but nothing too hard. After all, we only have a little time. Good, quality ideas, love you all :3

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  • TacoExpress

    Creepy Pasta Minecraft Mod

    September 25, 2012 by TacoExpress

    So what from I am hearing, there is a new Creepypasta mod for Minecraft, and includes the following-

    1. JTK Mobs

    2. Jane the Killer Mobs

    3. The Rake Mobs

    4. Smile Dog Mobs

    In order to spawn any of them, you have to make a computer and some paper and print out a random Creepypasta. (From the 4 above.)


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  • TacoExpress

    One Word Story

    September 14, 2012 by TacoExpress

    Everyone knows how to play the one word story, right? I say one word, and you continue on from the word I said. So for example,

    "Person 1: Once"

    "Person 2: Upon"

    "Person 3: A"

    "Person 4: Time"

    And so on. So I'll start the story.


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