I've been watching with avid interest the ongoing shenanigans in regards to the spinoffs ban. For those who don't know, original content containing overpowered MarySue/GaryLous (such as Jeff the Killer), Slenderman, BEN, Sonic.exe, and other creepypasta memes are currently not allowed to be posted. Same goes for most videogame pasta and anything having to do with lost episodes of television shows.

Furbearingbrick recently started a ban appeal page for writers of spinoff pasta. I'm 50/50 on whether that was a good idea. On the one hand, having such an escape clause might assist those who have aching posteriors (read: butthurt) and are convinced their spinoff was actually good. On the other, I feel that the constant creation/deletion of rehashes of creepypasta memes hurt the creative content of our nifty slice of horror.

Why do we post spinoffs, anyway? Why are there so many people who read Jeff the Killer and think "I need to improve on this?" Wouldn't it be a bigger and better challenge to surpass JtK or Slendy entirely and make the next big meme? What do you think?